About the Company

About the Company

about turcon constructor

Turcon Constructors, Inc. was founded by Brian Symsack in October of 2003.

Turcon Constructors, Inc. is a full service General Contracting firm that offers a wide array of services from General Construction, Design-Build Services, Site Development, Construction Management, and more. Turcon’s background is multi-faceted and the owner, Brian Symsack, is well versed in commercial and residential disciplines. Professionalism, responsiveness, reliability, efficiency, teamwork, quality workmanship, safety, honesty, and ethics are the core hallmarks of our partnerships. Turcon is committed to offering services and guidance to clients for every step, in order to build long term relationships that flourish. We will manage the project from the projects inception and coordinate all trades to see that contract documents, project budget, schedule, and delivery dates are met on behalf of the owner. Turcon Constructors Inc. is committed to providing the best product without sacrificing quality and service! Brian Symsack, with more that 39 years of experience in the construction industry, will see to it that only quality workmanship and skills are implemented in the construction field. Serving the greater St. Louis area and beyond, Turcon Constructors, Inc. is located in St. Louis, Missouri.

Quick Look at What We Do

General Contracting

General Contracting

At Turcon Constructors, Inc., your project is important to us. Turcon offers competitive bidding that offers experience and knowledge that delivers optimum results to our clients. We will provide general contracting services for: Owners, Engineers, and Architects to maintain quality, manage budgets, and oversee construction to the final completion of the project.

home building service


Turcon Constructors, Inc. offers design build services for Clients that guarantees an Owner a maximum investment to its clients. Under this delivery system, Turcon will develop a Project Team to provide Design and Construction Services to fit our clients goals and objectives to ensure that they receive the desired results. This process merges all resources of Design and Construction Activities, under Turcon Constructors, Inc. to reduce lost efforts in time and money.

site development services

Site Development

TCI has the ability to manage all site construction aspects to meet your project needs.Turcon working in tandem with its team offers a complete package encompassing a full complement of services. Through partnering with its contractors, we can help get your project completed with less scheduling conflicts, in the shortest time frame possible.

About the Owner

Brian Symsack learned the the construction industry from his father, Kenneth D. Symsack, who was a self made man. Kenneth D. Symsack founded Symsack Development, Inc, a family company which was Metropolitan Life Insurance Company’s largest Landard/General Contractor. At one time they built Ninety Two (92) buildings in Thirty Two ( 32 ) states in only three years time. Prior to Metropolitan Life, SDI also built 500 single family homes.  Ken only built a quality product and never deviated from his work ethic. Brian was the youngest of four kids and considered to be most like Ken. Owner of Turcon Constructors, Inc, Brian Symsack only believes in doing a job right the first time or he won’t do it at all. He does not believe in taking short cuts! They will haunt you down the line and simply aren’t worth it. A good referral from a client is of the utmost importance.

I do not believe in risk because it always starts with the estimate and a given scope of work and/or construction documents. I always believe in doing the proper leg work up front when figuring a job. I will always breakout additional costs etc. as needed to bring these descrepencies to my clients attention. I will also go open book and establish a fee once under contract. Should the scope of work change, it will be adjust accordingly based on change order procedures of the contract.

Brian Symsack is a firm believer that nothing happens through osmosis! Thus Turcon’s projects will to be manned from start to finish! Therefore, Turcon ensures our projects will have the proper Administration, Project Management, and Field Supervision to get the jobs completed to Owners satisfaction.


St. Louis University, St. Louis, MO.
Graduated May 1983
Bachelor of Arts, Major: Finance

Chaminade College Preparatory, St. Louis, Mo.
Graduated: June 1978
General Studies

Carpenter’s Union/Journeyman (Inactive)
American Society of Professional Estimators( Prior)

Computer Experience: Timberline and Microsoft Excel


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