Construction Management

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Turcon Constructors, Inc has 35 years of experience in the construction industry. Let TCI manage your project.

Acting as a Construction Manager, Turcon Constructors, Inc, provides to Owners a single point of responsibility for construction program management. Turcon will represent the client and its representatives to oversee construction projects being built by owners or developers.

Turcon will provide leadership and construction oversight in all phases of the project development to ensure that the Owners interests are being maintained at all times.

construction management

Turcon will provide project management support services, including negotiation and or selection of a general contractor on behalf of the Owner. Turcon will review specifications, drawings, addenda,contract agreements, submittals, pay application requests and project progress for its clients. TCI will maintain project documentation and required correspondence to facilitate responses to contractor and subcontractors questions. Turcon will meet with the construction team and design professionals and lead project meetings and conferences during the construction phase of the project.

Turcon will inspect work in place to ensure that it meets all required standards of contract documents. TCI will meet with Owners and engineers as needed to strictly enforce quality standards.Turcon will identify all potential deficiencies in work and implement immediate remediation remedies to sustain and/or correct items in the field.

Turcon Constructors, Inc. will monitor/review contract costs and implement action as required to keep the project within Owners budget.

Turcon understands that communication with the Owner and Owners Consultants are the key for planned and desired project outcomes. This builds solid relationships which results in repeat business with TCIs clients.

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